Influence of metal ion additives on the suppression of ammonia loss and CO2 absorption

Zn(II), Cu(II) and Ni(II) based metal ions were added to ammonia for CO2 capture. The tests were carried out using a wetted-wall column. The results showed that the addition of metal ions can effectively reduce the free ammonia concentration but at a cost of a decrease in CO2 absorption rate and also CO2 absorption capacity. The authors concluded that for a system, which can cope with precipitated solid, the addition of metal ions was recommended to prohibit ammonia loss and also produce solid by-products. However, for a system which can’t deal with precipitated solids, the reduction of ammonia concentration should be carried out.

In this work, ammonia partial pressure was compared in Figure 1. CO2 absorption rate was presented in Figure 2. The capacity of CO2 absorption at 25 and 80 °C was given in Figure 5, in addition to the cyclic capacity, heat of CO2 desorption and sensible heat.

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