Cyclical stability of KOH activated biochar for CO2 capture

“Excellent stability is crucial for the efficiency of adsorbents in real applications. In light of the joint stability of carbonaceous adsorbents, along with harmless recycling for soil or use as raw material for barbecue, a simple ten times cyclic thermal adsorption/desorption test is conducted using STA to evaluate the stability of BBC-KOH. Moreover, the detailed cyclic test steps are described above. Fig. 8 shows CO2 adsorption capacities of BBC-KOH during ten cycles with 25 °C of adsorption temperature and 70 °C of desorption temperature. It can be seen that working capacity exhibits no decrease and even shows a little increase during the ten times cycle process, with the biggest increase of 11.86%. There are two possible reasons for this slight increase in adsorbent performance. One is opening adsorption sites during continuous adsorption and desorption cycle. The other could be the experimental error of STA on account of the minute amount of the measured sample. Furthermore, mass accuracy of STA is 0.001 mg, very slight errors may have a great effect.”


Fig. 8. Working capacities of BBC-KOH during ten cycles tested using STA.”

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