Effect of desorption temperature of CO2 capture using biochar

“Desorption temperature plays a vital role in the practical application of CO2 adsorption capture technology in light of energy consumption during regeneration process. With a relative low desorption temperature, energy consumed for regeneration process will decrease. Besides, a low-grade heat source such as solar energy and condensation heat of heat pump [59] could be integrated with capture process. To further investigate the effect of desorption temperature, a temperature interval of 40 °C to 80 °C is selected to explore the adsorption performance of BBC-KOH. Experiments are conducted when adsorption temperature is 25 °C with 15% CO2 partial pressure after 120 °C pre-treatment in STA. Results of the experiments are exhibited in Fig. 7. CO2 desorption capacity of BBC-KOH increases with the increase of desorption temperature, which agrees with other solid adsorbents. Ranging from 1.08 mmol·g−1 to 1.54 mmol·g−1, the desorption performance of BBC-KOH indicates a 29.87% increase within 40–80 °C. It is also worth noting that BBC-KOH can desorb completely at 80 °C, which is low and can regenerate with renewable energy.”


“Fig. 7. CO2 desorption performance of BBC-KOH at different desorption temperatures when adsorbed at 25 °C with 15% CO2 partial pressure.”

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