Influence of liquid temperature on mass transfer coefficient

“Another other key parameter is liquid temperature, which can have an effect on KGCO2aV, the reaction kinetic, and equilibrium solubility. According to the Arrhenius equation,88 the reaction kinetic constant for the reaction between CO2 and an amine solution is temperature dependent, and by increasing the temperature a higher reaction rate constant is achieved.89 Consequently, the enhancement factor can be increased and consequently, KGCO2aV can be increased as well.90 Under absorption conditions, this effect can be reversed at higher temperatures when the reaction between CO2 and amines becomes reversible (it approaches desorption conditions), and it can decrease KGCO2aV. In addition, the higher temperature can lead to an increase in the vapor pressure of CO2 above the amine solution’s and this can cause an increase in the Henry’s law solubility constant; as result, a decrease of KGCO2aV and the solubility of CO2 in amine solutions can occur.91 The balance between the above-mentioned parameters should be considered for increasing KGCO2aV.”

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