Typical CO2 capture conditions of molten-salt promoted MgO

“The micro-structured, model NaNO3–MgO samples were exposed to typical CO2 capture conditions of molten-salt promoted MgO.9,10,21 To this end, the as-prepared NaNO3–MgO_A and NaNO3–MgO_B samples were placed in a thermogravimetric analyser (TGA) and heated to 330 °C (heating rate of 10 °C min−1) in a flow of N2 (80 ml min−1), followed by exposure to a flow of CO2 (80 ml min−1) for a given time (0.5 hour to 24 hours, e.g. NaNO3–MgO_A24hours-CO2). For the duration of the experiment a purge flow of N2 (25 ml min−1) was used in the TGA. For subsequent ex situ analyses the sample is cooled down in CO2 to 30 °C (cooling rate of 10 °C min−1) to avoid the decomposition of MgCO3. To confirm the presence of salt (NaNO3) inside the grooves after the sample has been exposed to reaction conditions 3D X-ray computed tomography was applied.”

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