Standard and lean vapour compression (LVC) configuration CO2 capture process

“Two process configurations were also studied: the standard and the lean vapour compression (LVC) CO2 absorption and desorption models. The schematic descriptions of the two processes are presented in Figure 1 and Figure 2. How they were implemented in the simulation, that is, the process flow diagrams (PFDs), are attached in Appendix A as Figure A1Figure A2Figure A3 and Figure A4. The process only includes the flue gas fan and the direct contact cooler (DCC) precooling section, the absorption–desorption process and the CO2 compression section. For simplicity, the water wash section shown in Figure 1 is not included. The compression section was modelled as was shown in [39]. The compression was carried out in four stages with intercoolers and separators. A CO2 pump was used to pump the supercritical CO2 from the final pressure of 76 bar to 110 bar. CO2 transport and storage were not necessary in this work. CO2 transport and storage estimates are available in [40,41,42]. Location factor was assumed as 1 since it was not important in this study.

Figure 1. Standard CO2 capture process [3].
Figure 2. Lean vapour compression (LVC) configuration CO2 capture process (modified from [3]). (the red line is to highlight the additional equipment).

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