Stability of KLiZr and NaLiZr for CO2 capture

As shown below, K-promoted LiZr adsorbent had a stable performance during the cycles of CO2 capture. The capacity of CO2 capture was even enhanced after 10 cycles. However, Na-promoted LiZr adsorbent showed the deactivation for CO2 capture after 10 cycles. In particular, when the reaction time was 15 mins for each cycle, the capacity of CO2 capture was clearly decreased from 0.20 to 0.14 g/g after 10 cycles.


Figure – CO2 capture stability of using KLiZr and NaLiZr. Capture temperature – 500 ºC, CO2 concentration – 15%; H2O concentration-10%; Desorption temperature – 700 ºC for KLiZr and 750 ºC for NaLiZr.

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