Relationship between absorber temperature bulge and real-time solvent working capacity

Calculated real-time solvent capacity measurements are plotted against the temperature at the hottest part of the absorber during baseload operation, at 4.65 m of packing height (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Correlation between calculated solvent working capacity and temperature at packing height of 4.65 m, all scenarios.

The majority of the solvent loading capacity data points fall within 20% of the value predicted by the correlation. It should be noted that solvent capacity values are calculated using the time-shifting estimation discussed in Section 3.4, and mixing effects could have resulted in errors in the calculation. The solvent working capacity may also respond faster to changes in plant operation than the temperature bulge, due to the thermal inertia of the absorber column. This results in a poor correlation, and as such the temperature bulge is not thought to be an effective indicator of solvent working capacity during transient operations.

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