Proposed reaction mechanisms for Ru/CeO2-MgO based ICCU-methanation

“Therefore, as illustrated in Fig. 10, it is suggested that (1) in the first step of CO2 adsorption, MgO acts as the main adsorbent to form MgCO3 while CeO2 with oxygen vacancies can promote extra CO2 adsorption by forming bicarbonates. (2) two reaction routes for the release and transformation of the adsorbed CO2 under 5% H2/N2 atmosphere are proposed. Route 1 is the decomposition of MgCO3 to release gas-phase CO2 and then generate CH4 with the assistance of H2 and active sites by the CO2 dissociation pathway. Route 2 is the reduction of carbonates (Eq. (6)) by the formates pathway. Route 2 does not rely on the gas phase CO2 spillover and can achieve ideal ICCM performance, ∼100% CO2 conversion.”


Fig. 10. Schematic diagram of ICCM over Ru/rod-CeO2-MgO.”

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