Phenomenological kinetic model (PM) for K2CO3 carbonation

“A phenomenological kinetic model (PM) was developed to analyze the carbonation kinetics of the K2CO3/ZrO2 adsorbent, taking into account carbonation temperature, CO2 concentration and carbonation conversion Eqs. 16 and (17). The sigmoid characteristics of the time-dependent conversion behaviors of K2CO3/ZrO2 could be well described by the developed PM. Kinetic parameters and semi-empirical kinetic equations were obtained, which could provide instructions for designing and simulating a riser type fast fluidized bed in practical operation (Lee, D.K. et al., 2013).”


“in which, k is the rate constant, f(X) is the function of the fractional carbonation conversion Xf(yCO2) is the function of the CO2 mole fraction yCO2 in the bulk gas phase, Xu is the ultimate fractional carbonation conversion, and b is the shape parameter.”


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