Nitrogen-containing functional groups promoted CO2 capture

“Experts have proposed various nitrogen-containing functional groups on the surface by reacting the biochar with nitrogen-containing reagents or activating the biochar with nitrogen-containing prerequisites. Common nitrogen-containing functional groups (amide, imine, pyridine, pyrrole, and lactam groups) promote the growth of alkalinity on the surface of biochar (Shafeeyan, 2010Shen and Fan, 2013Guo et al., 2018(Table 2). Nitrogen functional groups can also contribute to enhance interactions between carbon surfaces and acid molecules, such as dipole-dipole, H-bonding, and covalent bonding and so on (Shen et al., 2010). Xu et al. obtained nitrogen-doped biochar using ammonium hydroxide ball milling, and the nitrogen functional group species doped onto the surface of the biochar were mainly amine (-NH2) and nitrile (Ctriple bondN). The nitrogen-doped biochar showed a 31.6%−55.2% higher adsorption capacity of CO2 than pristine biochar, due to the strong pole-pole interaction between the large quadrupole moment of the carbon dioxide molecule and the polar sites associated with the nitrogen functional (Xu et al., 2019).”


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