Local heating for photo-switching MOF based CO2 capture

“Light-induced local heating is also another reason for the reduction of CO2 uptake. Bleger et al. [42] reported that the absorbed solar energy of F-azo-MIL-53 (Al) was locally converted to thermal energy. Controlled experimental results suggested that the 10% decrease of CO2 adsorption was comparable to that caused by 10 °C of temperature rising. Light-induced localized heating was also utilized in noble metal nanocrystals encapsulated MOF composites for/ photoswitching CO2 capture [57]. Under a continuous visible light (400–500 nm) irradiation with 1.84 W/cm2, the temperature of Ag/UiO-66-2 increased by 27.8°C. As a result, the corresponding CO2 uptake dropped by 90.5% at 0.44 bar. Thus, due to the light triggered localized heating, the regeneration of Ag/UiO-66 can be realized via CO2 desorption process, demonstrating a promising low-energy method to remotely regenerate the MOF adsorbents with Visible light as the driving force.”

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