Kinetics of bismuth-based metal-organic frameworks for CO2 separation

“The diffusion of CO2 in UU-200 and the selected Bi-MOFs were studied using a gravimetric method at 303 K (Fig. 8 and Fig. S20). The adsorption of CO2 was observed to occur rapidly in all materials, with more than 50% of the total uptake being reached within the first 3 min (Table 3). Even though the crystallographic pore size of UU-200 was found be very close to the kinetic diameter of CO2, the observed CO2 adsorption rate on UU-200 still appeared to be both scientific and possibly industrially relevant. Similar findings have also been observed for the CO2 adsorption in other microporous materials with comparably narrow pores [73]. The CO2 adsorption kinetics were found to be slower in the trimesate-based UU-200 and CAU-17 MOFs than in CAU-33 and SU-101. This observation could be attributed to both a structural difference and a difference in the particle size between the samples as can be seen in the SEM images of the materials (Figs. S10–S11).”


Fig. 8. Gravimetric CO2 adsorption profiles for UU-200, CAU-17, CAU-33, and SU-100, using approximately 5 mg of sample.”


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