Influence of water content in CO2 sources

As shown below, in general the presence of water facilitated the capture of CO2 using Na and K promoted LiZr adsorbents ( In particular, when the reaction time was shorter (e.g. 15 mins), the capacity of CO2 capture increased significantly from 0.05 to 0.25 g/g, when water content increased from 0 to 30% using KLiZr. It is noted that the reported CO2 capture capacity using NaLiZr is close to the maximum theoretical value.


Figure – CO2 capture for 60 mins (a), 30 mins and 15 mins (b); capturing conditions: 15% CO2; adsorption temperature 500  ºC; desorption temperature 700  ºC for LiZr and KLiZr and 750  ºC for NaLiZr.


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