Influence of temperature on DETA loaded silica gel for CO2 capture

“The CO2 adsorption performance of the impregnated materials at different temperatures gives essential information about the best temperature at which the sorbents should be used for CO2 capture. As the reaction of amines with CO2 is exothermic [56][57], an increase in temperature could reduce the capture capacity of the impregnated samples. Fig. 10 shows the CO2 capture capacity with respect to temperature, in the range from 25 °C to 100 °C. We find the CO2 capture capacity decreases with increasing temperature for all the studied samples, but there are small differences in the series. For instance, in the case of FS and FS-DETA-10%, the reduction of CO2 uptake with temperature is faster than that obtained for FS-DETA-20% and FS-DETA-40%. The profile curves of FS-DETA-10% and FS-DETA 40% cross at 78 °C.”


Fig. 10. Temperature-programmed adsorption of CO2 of FS-DETA series. Conditions: 100% CO2 at 60 mL/min flow rate, and 1 bar.”

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