Influence of temperature for silica gel based CO2 capture

“The CO2 uptake for the SG and the AC determined at different temperatures has been summarized in Figure 11a. The CO2 uptake (mg/g) varied substantially with changes in temperature for both types of adsorbents and altered negatively with changes in temperature. The maximal CO2 uptake (q) of 63.2 mg/g was obtained for the AC which can be compared to a lesser capacity of 7.43 mg/g for the SG at 298 K with 4 slpm. The lower CO2 uptake of 50.6 mg/g was acquired at an increased temperature of 308 K. The temperature of 328 K, which was the maximum studied temperature, achieved a CO2 uptake of 33.1 mg/g for the AC. The lowest adsorption capacity of 4.1 mg/g was exhibited by SG at the highest temperature of 328 K. All the CO2 capture systems predicted a reduction in the uptake with an increase in temperature. ”


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