General description of adding carbonates to promote MgO-based CO2 capture

“The addition of small amounts of carbonates (e.g. CaCO3 or SrCO3), which have been hypothesized to function as nucleation seeds forming Mg-double carbonates, enhances the initial rate of CO2 sorption [29,30]. The complexity of the CO2 sorption reaction, with gas, liquid, and solid phases involved and diffusion processes being rate controlling, has motivated many investigations focusing on the reaction mechanism and reaction kinetics [21,28,383940,29,31323334∗35∗3637], which were summarized by Dunstan et al. [3]. Rather than promoting MgO with AMS, several studies have developed sorbents targeting specifically Mg-double carbonates as the main product of the CO2 sorption reaction, also showing that such sorbents are compositionally flexible and can tolerate low surface areas [41424344].”

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