Fixed-bed continuous process of ICCU-RWGS

The continuous process of integrated CO2 capture and utilisation can be realised using different configurations. For example, carbon capture can be carried out in one reactor, and the saturated dual functional materials can be transferred to another reactor for sorbent regeneration and CO2 conversion. However, in this case, fluidised beds would be needed. And the dual functional materials need to have sufficient mechanical strength.

Fixed-bed can also be used for ICCU. In this case, multiple beds are needed, and CO2 and H2 sources will be switched between different stages of ICCU. Bobadilla et al. ( proposed the following configurations for continuous ICCU-RWGS. In mode A, the 1st reactor is used for CO2 capture, and the 2nd reactor is used for sorbent regeneration and CO2 utilisation. In mode B, after switching gases between CO2 and H2, the 1st reactor and the 2nd reactor are changed to CO2 utilisation/sorbent regeneration and CO2 capture, respectively. It is noted that a purge stage is not included in this configuration. Purging the reactor with inert gases to remove any remaining CO2 might be necessary. However, this needs to be tested and evaluated in experimental work.


“Integrated two-reactor CCR process for continuous CO2 capture and reduction.”

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