Experimental procedure of CO2 loading in amines

“A solvent screening setup (S.S.S.) as shown in figure 1 constituting six glass reactors (V=250mL ± 0.5) was used
for the CO2 absorption experiments. SSS can operate at temperature range from 298.15 – 423.15K (± 1 K) and pressure
range of 0-6 bars (± 0.01 bar). A magnetic stirrer (speed max=1500 rpm (± 1 rpm)) is used to ensure a homogeneous
contact between the solution and CO2 by creation of a vortex.
150g of aqueous amine solution (30wt% total) was prepared and introduced into the system where tests were carried
out at 313.15K with 500 rpm as mixing speed. For the gas flow simulation, a mixture of CO2 and N2 in volumetric
ratio of 15:85 vol% was fed into a make-up vessel and allowed to reach a pressure of 2 bar at 15 L/h using a mass
flow controller. While the pressure inside each of the glass reactor was maintained as 1bar throughout the CO2
absorption, the absorption of CO2 in amine solution is considered complete when equilibrium is reached i.e. when the
CO2 concentration flow in is equal to that in flow out of the system.”


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