Experimental design of PRB based CO2 absorption

In this study, a single-stage RPB unit was investigated (Fig. 2). To conduct experiments, the metal nickel-chromium foam packing (NCX2733, Recemat BV, Netherlands) with an outer diameter of 600 mm, a height of 10 mm and an inner packing diameter of 146 mm was used. The rotor plates are connected to each other by bolts, between which there are additional spacer rings, which ensure a constant height of the gap between the rotor plates. The internal diameter of the RPB casing is 632 mm. So, for a rotor with a diameter of 600 mm, the distance between the inner radius of the casing and the radius of the rotor is 16 mm. Experiments in this study were conducted according to the following operating conditions:

  • Packing porosity: 0.922
  • Packing interface size: 2800 m2 m-3
  • Rotational frequencies: 150 rpm, 300 rpm, 450 rpm, 600 rpm, 900 rpm, 1200 rpm, 1500 rpm
  • Volumetric gas flow rate: 20 m3 h-1, 40 m3 h-1, 60 m3 h-1
  • No liquid flow

Each measurement point was performed with the setpoint gas flow rate and rotor speed set. After passing the given point to the experimental point, it was waited for the parameters to stabilize and then the result was recorded. Each measurement was repeated three times.

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