Effect of CO2 initial loading on mass transfer coefficient


“For the effect of CO2 initial loading of MEA, it can be found in Figure 3. CO2 initial loading is defined
as mole of CO2 absorbed per mole of amine due to the absorptions [10]. The results show that the CO2
initial loading at 0.0 mole/mole give the highest KGav and 0.2 mole/mole is the lowest KGav. The CO2
loading from the liquid in the bottom of the column over range of 0.20-0.35 mole/mole. MEA can
absorb the CO2 around 0.5 mole/mole with absorption process [11]. There are more fresh-amine
molecules in amine solution with 0.0 mole/mole for reacting with dissolved CO2 whereas CO2 initial
loading at 0.2 mole/mole could provide less amine molecules for reacting with CO2. Therefore, an
increase in CO2 loading within amine solution leads to after decrease amount of fresh amine molecules
and KGav because of a driving force from the gas to the liquid phase will decrease. ”


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