Doping Li4SiO4 with K-, Mg-, Cr-, Ce, Y2O3, Gd2O3 or LaPO4

“Wang et al. [49] prepared K-, Mg-, Cr-, and Ce-doped Li4SiO4 and found that Ce was the most difficultly doped into the Li4SiO4 crystal lattice among the four elements. However, Ce was the most effective to inhibit the aggregation of Li4SiO4 grains, so Ce-doped Li4SiO4 achieved the highest CO2 absorption performance. Subha et al. [50] studied the CO2 absorption by Li4SiO4 material doped with Y2O3, Gd2O3 or LaPO4, and found that both Y2O3 and Gd2O3 improved the CO2 absorption capacity of Li4SiO4, and Y2O3-doped Li4SiO4 retained the highest CO2 absorption capacity due to the segregation of second phase created by the doped unreacted Y2O3. Chen et al. [51] reported that Ca-doped Li4SiO4 material achieved high CO2 absorption capacity and they proposed a modified double-shell mechanism to describe the CO2 absorption and regeneration mechanism of Ca-doped Li4SiO4 as shown in Figure 9. The transformation of Ca2SiO4 to Li2CaSiO4 during CO2 absorption process was beneficial of transferring CO2 from Li4SiO4 surface to the core, which reduced the diffusion resistance and improved CO2 absorption, and regeneration was also correspondingly enhanced.”


Figure 9. CO2 absorption and regeneration mechanism of Ca-doped Li4SiO4 [51].”

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