Conversion calculations for ICCU-RWGS using online gas analyser – 02

The following information is obtained from ( regarding the calculation of CO selectivity and CO2 conversion.

“In analysis, the moisture in the outlet gas was condensed and removed by the thermoelectric cooler, and the concentrations of CO2, CO, CH4, and H2 were measured using a continuous gas analyzer (Rosemount X-STREAM Enhanced XEGP, Emerson Electric Co.). For quantitative analysis, the amount of CO2 captured (CCO2) per unit weight of DFM (W) was calculated by integrating the CO2 profile during steps 1–2 as follows:”


“where t0t1, and t2 represent the time at the start of the experiment, the end of step 1, and the end of step 2, respectively. FCO2,f and FCO2 denote the CO2 molar flow rates of the feed stream and outlet gas, respectively. In addition, the outflowing amount (ni) of component i (i = CO2, CO, CH4) was calculated by integrating the concentration profile during steps 3–4 as follows:


where t4 and Fi represent the time at the end of step 4 and the outlet molar flow rate of component i, respectively. From these values, the conversion based on the amount of CO2 captured (XCO2), the selectivity for CO (SCO), the yield of CO (YCO), and the material balance of carbon (BC) were calculated as follows:”


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