CO2 capture using Mg-Al-CO3 LDH at different temperatures

“In addition to the Li4SiO4-based sorbent, the CO2 capture performance of the Mg-Al-CO3 LDH-derived sorbents was also studied in this work, as shown in Figure 6b. All of the samples were calcined at 400 °C before the CO2 sorption tests were performed, and the performances at different temperatures of 200, 300, and 400 °C were evaluated. The results indicated that the Mg-Al-CO3 LDH-derived CO2 sorbent led to the highest CO2 sorption capacity at 200 °C, being 2.08 wt %. This value is similar to the LDH-derived CO2 sorbent reported in the literature [45]. However, the CO2 sorption capacity became much lower when the sorption temperature was higher, with values of 1.21 wt % and 1.23 wt % at 300 and 400 °C, respectively. This result suggests that the LDHs synthesized from the vermiculite leaching wastewater can deliver a similar CO2 capture performance to those of pure LDH samples.”


“Figure 6 (b) the influence of sorption temperature on the CO2 capture performance of Mg-Al-CO3 LDH synthesized from the vermiculite leaching wastewater.”

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