CO2 adsorption experimental procedure

“CO2 adsorption isotherms is investigated using ASAP 2020 Micrometitics (0.15%) at 40–80 °C, and the relative pressure is used from 0.0 to 1.0 relative pressure (P/P0). CO2 equilibrium adsorption/desorption capacities and reaction kinetics of BBC-KOH are investigated with a simultaneous thermal analysis apparatus (Netzsch STA 449 F3, Germany, ±0.001 mg). This study fixes around BBC-KOH in the ceramic crucible, and it is heated to 120 °C for dehydration pre-treatment under a N2 flow rate of 40 mL·min−1 and remains for an hour. The sample is then cooled to 25 °C at a rate of 5 °C·min−1 under the N2 flow rate of 40 mL·min−1. Subsequently, the adsorption process starts with a premixed gas containing 15% CO2 in N2 and holds for 1.5 h. Finally, the sample is heated to specific temperatures (40–80 °C) for CO2 desorption. CO2 adsorption and desorption capacities of BBC-KOH at different temperatures are calculated by mass variation before and after the desorption process. Also, relevant desorption heat could be calculated according to DSC curves. Besides, three repeated experiments are conducted under various desorption conditions to minimize measurement errors. After dehydration pre-treatment of the sample at 120 °C, cyclical adsorption/desorption experiments are performed with 35 min adsorption at 25 °C and 30 min desorption at 70 °C.”


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