A review on the applications of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) in the oil and gas industry: laboratory and field-scale measurements – Nice review paper

NMR theory

“This review presents the latest update, applications, techniques of the NMR tools in both laboratory and field scales in the oil and gas upstream industry. The applications of NMR in the laboratory scale were thoroughly reviewed and summarized such as porosity, pores size distribution, permeability, saturations, capillary pressure, and wettability. NMR is an emerging tool to evaluate the improved oil recovery techniques, and it was found to be better than the current techniques used for screening, evaluation, and assessment. For example, NMR can define the recovery of oil/gas from the different pore systems in the rocks compared to other macroscopic techniques that only assess the bulk recovery. This manuscript included different applications for the NMR in enhanced oil recovery research. Also, NMR can be used to evaluate the damage potential of drilling, completion, and production fluids laboratory and field scales. Currently, NMR is used to evaluate the emulsion droplet size and its behavior in the pore space in different applications such as enhanced oil recovery, drilling, completion, etc. NMR tools in the laboratory and field scales can be used to assess the unconventional gas resources and NMR showed a very good potential for exploration and production advancement in unconventional gas fields compared to other tools. Field applications of NMR during exploration and drilling such as logging while drilling, geosteering, etc., were reviewed as well. Finally, the future and potential research directions of NMR tools were introduced which include the application of multi-dimensional NMR and the enhancement of the signal-to-noise ratio of the collected data during the logging while drilling operations.”

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